B.Sc. in Visual Communication

  • Semester I

    Introduction to Visual Communication, History of Cinema, Media Culture and Society, Photography, Fundamentals of Drawing & Graphic Designing, English.

  • Semester II

    Writing for Media, Aesthetic and Techniques of Cinematography, Audiography, Radio Broadcasting, Environmental Science, English

  • Semester III

    Research Methodology, Animation & VFX principles, Social Media & Communication, Editing Principles, Television Production, Media Ethics & Media Law.

  • Semester IV

    Public Relation for Branding & Positioning, Business Communication, Principles of Management & Advertising, Direction, Project – Short Film.

  • Semester V

    Film development, Sound for film, VFX for film, Digital Post Production.

  • Semester VI

    Film Appreciation, Short Film & Music Video Production, Final Portfolio Project & Internship.

  • Duration:

    3 years